social media

May 8, 2010

This is my social media policy. It is very interesting and I have followed certain steps as instructed in the instructions Fagin. I have also enhanced my knowledge on the topic and the following steps have helped me to further rectify all previous social misjudgments.

1: connecting: introduction

This is an essential part of the social media.  An introduction is always necessary from followers. Let’s take Facebook for example if an unknown person adds me I would an introduction or any sort of connection. Also they will answer as to why they choose to connect with person in case. I think this a very important factor in things that involve privacy like you’re a social network.

2: follow, add friend

People have different policies about following and adding people it is all in the mind. I personally do not add or follow people who do not interest me. If you are male or female and you like someone I would have considerable interest in, I add only under these circumstances.

3: Privacy and boundaries

This is similar to the follow add. It is all in the as it depends on the person in case. I do not mind people looking at my pictures or my blog because I expect to do the same in their blogs. But when there Is too much information like people posting about their sex life’s on the net, then it becomes uncomfortable

4: signal to noise

In a social experience I seek to find a conservative media that does not post excessively. Most people nowadays just post excessively and most of the time their posting bear irrelevant entries. It is what the Africans call a “Maye Hunta”. It is slang for someone who is addicted to posting on social medias. It is can be very irritating.

5: personal data sharing:

All sharing is about for me is sharing of interest between people of my choice also and sharing goals. It is easier for people to share their interest through social means .

6:  my networking needs

I consider Facebook a better option to twitter or myspace or other social networks because Facebook administers mini chats which other social networks do not do. Facebook is like a combination of various social networks put together

7: my criteria

I have no specific policies towards social media except the ones outlined in the previous analysis. Although I do argue that I Facebook is the most superior if the social media networks

8: my criteria

I have no specific policies towards social media except the ones outlined in the previous analysis. Although I do argue that I Facebook is the most superior if the social media networks


campus event reaction

April 24, 2010

I attended the how to say sorry…and mean it presentation and it was basically explaining the importance of the use of sorry. Although I expected a strict lecture about apologizing, however I got to understand it was an interactive as well as lecturing. I learned the right timing when saying sorry also the ways to say sorry. We acknowledged that there are points we all need to say sorry. Even if you feel like you are on the right on the other person should be the one to say sorry instead of the bearer. The presentation also included the need to remove any sense of arrogance during an apology .During the show people were explaining their different experiences of reluctance to issue an apology. During the course of the presentation we went into three stages of apologizing.

Firstly was the when factor. This explains when exactly an apology is required like for example the sooner the apology the better things are for the apologizer. Also when you feel like the right time for apology will be genuine. this is very key in explaining the when factor because an apology should only be administered when it is genuine. This does affect my life as I was always not the one who liked to issue any sort of apology but with this I think I have known the importance. This was mostly what everyone found as their weakness.

Then we went ahead to explain the why factor. it is always good to know why you are administering an apology so then it does not become biased. if you still feel like you are administering an apology even though you have done nothing wrong so you have to seek deep in you to find the reason you feel like you should or have to administer  this apology. This was surely the strength of the presentation

I learned a lot as it was quite interesting to listen to these etiquette trainings as I refer to it. If asked to recommend this show to a friend I surely will as he can learn a thing or two about this.

Online Posting

April 16, 2010

Nowadays people post lots of stuff online without first thinking out the precautions of what they post. People tend to get carried away by the internet fanatic forget that the internet is world wide. for instance a person creates his own blog revealing family information without even realising it. this lack of wisdom has cost some their lives while others it may have cost them their freedom. posting of certain information on can implicate a person but people do not usually think before posting.

on personal experience i once had a class mate who was very careless about what she  posted online. She was traveling to the States and she went on to tell everyone on Facebook as her status. she was later ambushed by armed robbers and her passport was stolen from her such were here belonging and lots of money to. The thieves were eventually tracked down and claimed they got the information from Facebook.

Another importance of being careful while posting is if you are a working employee. It is of my knowledge that many employees have been fired by their companies due to careless posting on Facebook or twitter. the one experience i read was on where it was reported that Ryan Babel  criticized his coach for not playing him in one of the games. he was fined and damned to the bench not to play for a long while. Also Albert Riera of liverpool fc will be sold later on this week due to his comments on twitter about his reigning coach.

by all these examples i have explained the importance of posting responsibly

Podcast review

April 2, 2010

podcast: Game On, Priests of Ra ,Havana and Macao by Speakers Of Geek

This podcast is about game geeks that play games on a regular basis and analyse the game on the podcast. They play different European board games. they are explaining the game priests of Ra from Rio grand game. They explain that the game can be played by more than 7 people at a time. then they move on to the Havana game which takes place in Cuba. it is also more of an auction game similar to monopoly which involves cards and building an empire. it is also a board game  and it is a good game that can be played by family. They also included that the game added a grand theft auto board interest to it in the sense that you could steal property and other similar stuff. Then they went on to explain the final game Macao. they claimed that the creater of this game spent a valid two years preparing the game, it was a highly anticipated game.  they also went on to explain the technicality of the game as the game brings out a thinking side of an individual. it is also a two to four player game.

podcast: game on, small world and dungeon world by: Speakers Of Geek

small world was a game with over 400 rules and they explained that the game was very efficient. although it had any rule the game had an evil meter which increases based on the amount of evil that a player executes  the on the board. it is also a very fast game which goes on for about an hour or so. it also involves taking victims which is fun as explained. the game is explained as an attacking game so it is not for the faint hearted

one week of twitter

March 8, 2010

prior to me entering fye class i had not been interested in joining twitter as much. but over this week  i have gotten to understand that twitter is interesting and a good means of getting people feeling. this is a very interesting thing for me as i like viewing people statuses and like knowing the kind of things people think about. i solely enjoyed the experience. my favorite part of this is that you get to follow many personalities even stars. i started following stars like Alica Keys and Jessica biel theo walcott and a few others. it was fun to see alicia keys used to twit a lot about religious stuff. it was a good experience. but i felt twitter was a bit boring as all you can see is status updates and people writing opinions. i found it very difficult to add see people pictures so on that note it was quite frustrating. but i liked it when people put links up of videos and so which were quite easy for me. i also like that i you could follow the whole cnn crew and get the news that was required needed . i first heard of the chile earthquake on twitter, which was a plus because on facebook all i really did was chat with friends and view pictures. this is great too but sometimes it gets annoying to chat everytime so a little bit freedom is needed. i have learnt a lot from twittwet and 

Blog Review:Manchester united problems

February 19, 2010

Manchester united are having serious considering that they have only one striker on form. without a doubt Manchester united have a lot of quality up front. the question is when will the quality come on show for them.this is a blog withdrawn fromthge famous website. they have a preditor striker in micael owen who during his hay days didnt leave any ground untouched in terms of finishing. however he has failed to show any of that real promise consistantly so has been deemed surplus to requirement.another class striker in united ranks is without  a doubt dimitar berbatov.on his day he could make the best defender in the world feel inferior. however the blog believes united should get rid of him. although his  very laid back style of play has seen moved to the bench on many occasions. there is no doubt that the latter has more talent but the real question is when will it come on show? being a fan i dont agree with where they claim Ferguson faces tough decision over Berbatov. surely if he had some game time he would be able to influence a game as much as the impatient fans want him to.the blog also lists that berbatov should be offloaded. I believe Berbatov and Micheal Owen are only human and should be given their time like Rooney was. Personally i don’t think that united can afford to lose any more players as their debt issues are raising uncontrollably. They do not only have problem in attack their defense at times are in shambles as we witnessed in the Milan game.this is just my opinion on the reviewed blog